Please provide the following information when booking your event, so that we can recommend from our experience, what is appropriate for your needs and situations.

Date and Time of Event:

Check for availability.

Please call and reserve your event early and secure the date and time that you prefer with a deposit. (See information below.)

Number of children:

up to 10, 15-20, 20+.

This helps us judge the proper amount of time, so that all the children will have enough rides, depending on the children’s interest.

Age range of children:

1-5, 5-7, 7-10+.

We can select the proper size pony that will accommodate the children and decide how long we need to stay. Younger children may want fewer rides and older children may choose to ride longer.

Place of Event:

City or Town – Additional transportation charges apply if more than 30 minutes travel time.

Type of Event:

Birthday Party, Family Day or Block Party, Church/School Fair, Company Outing.